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Basic Exercise Kit

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Basic Exercise Kit

This kit allows patients to continue their exercises while at home. Priced at a significant savings. Includes a collection of products that allow you to get stronger at any stage of recovery. Can be used with or without medical supervision


  • One 5 foot yellow band - Light Strength
  • One 5 foot green band - Medium Strength
  • One Nub Door Anchor
  • Two Double loop assist straps
  • Band Exercise Instruction Sheet

Door Nub

Band and tubing accessories can be used to enhance a resistance exercise band and tubing workout. Anchors can be used to enhance the versatility of the exerciser by anchoring the band to a fixed object. Allows a user to anchor their resistance bands or tubes to a door. This increases the range of possible exercises for both upper and lower body workouts. It pairs with any resistance bands and tubes. Easily secured at any point along a standard door frame with versatile anchoring options.  

  • Secures to any Standard Door Frame
  • Easy to adjust the height for upper and lower body exercises
  • Works in conjunction with TheraBands’ resistance Bands and Tubes
  • Portable and easily store
  • Diverse exercise options

Double Loop Straps

 The Loop Stirrup has two webbing loops: one large, one small. Simply place the band through the small webbing and put the other loop around any stationary object such as your foot, a door anchor or a wall anchor. The loop can be used in conjunction with handles to facilitate a wide range of exercises.

Basic Exercise Kit