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Roscoe Medical

Twinstim Digital EMS & TENS Combo Unit

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The TwinStim Combo unit offers both TENS & EMS modes in a single handy package. Excellent for providing pain relief for chronic nerve pain for the back and neck. 

Electronic muscle stimulation is often referred to as either EMS or NMES. TENS is electronic nerve stimulation to control pain.


  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Includes Patient Compliance Meter, 60 sets of Records
  • Comes with User Manual, 4 Electrodes, AA Batteries, & Hard Carry Case


Channels Dual, isolated between channels
  • 5 TENS Modes: Normal, Burst, Modulation, SD1, SD2.
  • 2 EMS Modes: Constant, Synchronous
Time Adjustable 2-90 seconds, 2-90 seconds, 1-8 seconds, 1 second/1 step
Timer 5-60 minutes, adjustable in 5 minute increments
Wave Form Asymmetrical, Bi-phase, Regular Pulse
Pulse Aplitude 1-100mA peak to peak into 500 ohm load each other
Pulse Width Adjustable, 50-300uS, 10uS per step
Pulse Rate Adjustable 2-150Hz, 1Hz per step
Voltage 0-50 V

Warranty: 1 year

Please note: This unit requires knowledge of electrotherapy settings. Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any new electrotherapy.

Twinstim Digital EMS & TENS Combo Unit